Websites – How much is your security worth?


Much has been said about internet security.
The attacks to the websites of the Cofina© group and to Vodafone©, brought a lot of fears, to companies and users alike, when it comes to protecting personal and professional data.
What are the major threats to common users and companies, when it comes to internet issues?
Besides the scams (usually related to comercial transactions that are not legit, and that goes outside the virtual safety sphere as well), there are other major threats, like phishingidentity theft and hacking.
How do those threats operate?
Have been named by using a word play. by using the word fishing, this technique brings a lot of security issues, and can be quite troublesome.
Using e-mails with fake and malicious links, and often disguised as official entities, like banks, insurance services, or healthcare, among others, or even, close friends emails, the hackers convince the users to insert personal data, often related to bank accounts and/or payments, and with those, they manage to withdraw money from the victims, or even hire high-priced values or services.
Identity theft
This happens when someone impersonates other people, by stealing their identiy (often related to emails or social media), so that the pirate can gain any profit from it.
Usually, this kind of actions are related to other type of crimes, like frauds, scams and even pedophilia (many adults that resort to this kind of techniques, impersonate young kids or teenagers, in order to get nude photos or sexual encounters with the victims).
This happens when someone else, using an external access, manage to connect themselves to companies’ servers, so that they manage to steal personal data, from customers and the company, for their own profit, or to block all functionality of the company’s service, which may bring all the professional procedures to an halt, by stopping any internal and external communication, which leads to the company losing money and possible contracts.

Those are some of the most know attacks, but there are more, that behave in similar manners.

What procedures should we do, in order to prevent theses attacks?

  • when receiving an email, never clicked on a suspicous or unknown link even if you know the sender. In case of doubt, contact the sender by other means, and inquired them about that email;
  • fake emails are, usually, easy to detect. They are often poorly written, with some errors and a non-formal language, using slang or a more informal expressions, that the official entity doesn’t normally use;
  • related to the last advice, never access your bank’s website, by using links. Use only the official channels provided;
  • use complex keywords, with numbers, letters (capitals and lower letters), symbols, not too short, and don’t store them on your web-browser;
  • don’t use the same password on more than one website;
  • in case of suspicion, change your password, and inform your bank or the entity related, and also, alert the authorities;
  • keep all your important data, secured, and backup every important file;
  • one of the harmful effects of hacking is ransomware, where the hacker, by acceessing your computer (or your company’s computer) remotely encrypts all your files, demanding a sum, usually in bitcoins, in order for the mto send you the decryption key always under the threat of permanent erasure of all your files, in case you disobey their demands. First thing’s first: NEVER negociate with those hackers. There are some online tools, like The No More Ransom project, that have an array of free tools for you to use. In case those tools fail, it’s better to lose all your files, because there’s no warranty that the decryption key that the hackers send, will work, and if not, you will lose, not only the files, but the money you have paid as well. That’s why you should ALWAYS keep backups of every important file;
  • when it comes to companies, using tools like professional firewalls, are an excelent response, so that entrepreneurs avoid (or, at least, reduce) the risk of having unpleassant surprises.

Do you want to build a website, or a e-commerce store, but always ensuring that your customers and your own data is protected?
Than we have the answer. Contact UNNE DESIGN, your trusted partner, we will provide you with the best designs, the maximum protection, for your own website

The websites and e-commerce stores created for UNNE Design are created from scratch, having as main concern, not only the correct functioning, but also your safety and that of the client. We are aware that total security is a concept that is too complex and almost impossible to achieve (we just need to remember the recent attacks on Vodafone©, Cofina© or Grupo Germano de Sousa©, important groups, with heavy investment in specific security tools ), however, everything we do is reinforced with a set of proprietary tools to help resist and mitigate the effects of possible failures. Security is one of our biggest concerns. Trust us.

Trust your website with us.

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