Website: Why do I need one?

If you have a small business, or if you are a professional individual, you have certainly wondered what benefits you could derive from creating a website.

In recent years, the internet has gone from being a tool for mere research and curiosity, and has become a work tool, which has revolutionized the entire work/commercial scenario, in a global way.
Many companies began to mark their image, their personal stamp, in a virtual universe, which, among other things, eliminated the geographical / physical barrier, and spread a name, with greater speed and with a much larger audience. Many companies, mainly medium and large companies, created robust and appealing websites to make their brand known across borders.

However, with the emergence of COVID, in 2019, many small companies and individual professionals found themselves obliged to seek new answers to the challenges that the current situation has brought.
From commercial spaces with limited occupancy, through mandatory closures, the ability to maintain these spaces began to suffer, and entrepreneurs had to adapt to a new reality to avoid closure.

Thus, the creation of small websites was the logical path to follow, not least because, using tools of this kind, they could, among other things, eliminate capacity restrictions (a virtual store does not have problems with capacity, and several consumers can simultaneously analyze the products, with time and attention, without the additional care required by the pandemic).

The entrepreneurs themselves saw the possibility of making better use of space, and many even chose to close stores, and move the warehouses to their personal garages, since, from that moment on, their showcase, became virtual, and all business was generated on the website.

These facilities meant that, in many cases, entrepreneurs and/or professionals could consider a greater investment in other areas of the business, since some expenses had been diluted, with the entry into virtual commerce (e-commerce).

A brief internet search makes it possible for the reader to learn about many success stories that illustrate this situation. Read below the story of a client, in the automotive trade area, of UNNE Design, who challenged us to create his website:

” I’ve been a car dealer for over 15 years, and I’ve always had an acceptable and loyal customer base, who know well the value I have, within the activity.

Never, until 2019, did I feel the need to resort to online stores or websites, to make my name known, because I always I believed in word-of-mouth advertising.

In 2019, with the emergence of COVID-19, I was forced to restrict access to my space and, eventually, even close it, by government order. It was, without a doubt, my worst year since I started business.

So I decided to adapt and embrace the virtual world, and let UNNE Designs make my website, as well as manage my social networks.

At the moment, I receive calls from various parts of the country, with potential customers, who “crossed” with my website or my social networks, and felt interest in a vehicle that I had displayed there.

At this point, not only have I recovered some of the pre-pandemic commercial normality, but I have also managed to expand my client base to geographic markets outside my usual environment.

It was the best bet I could have made.”

V.M. (individual car dealer)

Stories like this are more and more frequent, as new technologies are increasingly relevant and dominant, and this, if well used, can create immense opportunities for the most diverse markets and services, at a global level.

So if the reader wants to:
• limit expenses with physical spaces, using a virtual storefront;
• publicize a brand, or name, with a greater coverage of the geographic market;
• a greater speed of information, to present new products;
• a more careful and detailed analysis of advertising/marketing investment, when compared to analogue advertising;
• greater versatility of tools, to beautify and/or make your business more flexible,
• greater image control / image branding;
• among other advantages…

The option of a website will be, without a doubt, the best possible solution.
We, at UNNE Design, have years of experience, with many satisfied customers, and we will certainly have a solution that you like, at an affordable price, and with many advantages.

Do not hesitate, contact us and let us prepare you for a new reality for your business.

Come and meet us.

Leave your website in our hands.

Come talk to us!

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